Vaughn Gittin Jr Trusts BC Racing Coilovers

Vaughn Gittin Jr talking about why he loves and trusts his BC Racing coilovers. Be sure to contact us for your next set of coilovers! We will make the order easy for you and can also offer custom spring rates and valving based on your type of driving at no extra charge to you.

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Wiring Specialties S14 KA24DE harness now available

Engine harness pioneers Wiring Specialties have just released there long awaited S14 KA24DE wiring harness for the S14 240sx. This harness acts as a direct OEM replacement for the factory wiring harness and retains all the factory gauges, dash instruments, trouble lights etc.

Wiring Specialties modeled the harness on an actual S14 240sx to ensure OEM fit and finish. The harnesses is constructed of high temp wiring and includes the following features:

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AEM has released its AQ-1 OBD-II Data Logger and AQ-1 OBD-II wiring harness. With a combined street price of under $700.00 for logger and harness, it may be the ultimate data acquisition device for sportsman racers and track day enthusiasts! The AQ-1 OBD-II Data Logger reads and records data from a 2008-up vehicle’s OBD-II port using a supplied connector on the harness, providing critical engine and chassis data with minimal wiring. Just power the unit, configure the OBD-II data in the free setup software and it’s ready to start logging. It also has the ability to Read more



The famous “Disco Potato” GT2860RS turbocharger is now available at iRaceAutoSports! Nicknamed such due to its development by a Garrett engineer and subsequent inclusion on a Nissan/Garrett project car nicknamed the Disco Potato, the GT2860RS turbocharger offers excellent response times and virtually zero lag. It’s an excellent upgrade for Read more


Honeywell has announced the availability of the Gen II Garrett GTX 3582R, one of the most advanced performance turbochargers developed for the Garrett by Honeywell catalog.

The GTX Gen II line received a major compressor wheel aero update that gives it the ability to produce up to 20% more horsepower than the previous version. Read more


Radium’s 1JZ-GTE fuel rails allow for the addition of high flow aftermarket fuel injectors and deliver precision fitment to address the tight tolerances found in common aftermarket top-feed fuel conversion kits.

These extruded 1JZ-GTE fuel rails have a large 0.69-inch internal diameter bore to supply massive fuel Read more

What’s The Best Suspension – Soft or Stiff Springs?

When it comes to BC Racing coilovers, the most asked question that we get is “What spring rates should I run on my car?” There isn’t necessarily a black and white answer as each vehicle setup is different. Drivers needs to consider vehicle weight, suspension modifications, tire choice, power etc. Read more

Cosmis Racing XT-006r now come in 20″!

The next Cosmis Racing Wheels container is only days away. On this container they will be receiving 20″ XT-006R’s in both 5×114.3 and 5×120. Sizing will be available in the following: 20×9.5 +10mm and 20×11 +5mm. We will have photos taken once they are received and we will be sure to add them on our store.

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Here are some preview shots!

20" xt006r GTR R35 20" xt006r

Making Drifting Great Again for 2017!

With the help of Origin Labo. Canada, we (IRace Auto Sports) are here to help make cars look cool again! Deadline for Origin Labo pre orders is November 30th which should arrive in Canada in February 2017. This will be the only shipment which will arrive in Canada before the car season. The next shipment will be scheduled for end of summer 2017.

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The all-new ECUMASTER EMU Black is here!

The EMU Black is the next generation of ECUMaster engine management. Using all of the knowledge gained throughout the lifetime of the EMU, the ECUMaster design team has given us the EMU Black.


New features include on-board DBW throttle control, support for either a Bosch 4.2 or 4.9 sensor, 9 analog inputs, a dedicated Flex Fuel input, 3 low side switched inputs, CAN and Serial communication on board, an IP65 water resistant CNC aluminum case and much more. The retail price of the EMU Black is $1249. The Black is reverse-compatible with all plug and play adapters with the addition of a constant 12V supply wire. The black connector on the EMU Black is now a 39 pin connector compared to the 24 pin connector on the EMU, and some pins will have to be relocated. The gray connector shares the same pinout with the EMU, no changes need to be made.  Read more