About | iRace Auto Sports

We are enthusiasts

If you are like us, someone who has an unwavering passion for cars, then you know how we feel. You know that there is something therapeutic about engines and sheet metal. Owning a car, building a car, driving a car and racing them – it the only thing we want to do.

Busting a knuckle is not an accident to us – it’s a right of passage. Enjoying the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber does not make us weird – it means we are at home.

We get it. That is why iRace was born.

Our passion drives us

At the end of the day, no matter what is happening in our lives, it is and always will be about the cars and the automotive scene. When you give yourself to it like we have, you can’t think of anything else. We can’t turn this passion on and off.

For us and the countless others like us, it is go time all the time.

Welcome to iRace.